Marriage / Couples Counseling

Marriage and Relationship Counseling

  • We have money problems
  • My partner doesn’t understand me
  • I’m too tired for sex
  • My partner doesn’t help me
  • I have to do all the work
  • I’m not interested in sex like I used to be
  • My partner never initiates sex
  • I’m tired of being rejected
  • We had a baby and we don’t have sex anymore
  • We’re living beyond our means
  • We don’t agree on how to raise our children
  • We have the same fight over and over
  • We have nothing in common
  • My partner is too demanding
  • My partner doesn’t seem to have time for me
  • My partner is not attracted to me anymore
  • I’m not attracted to my partner anymore
  • My partner has cheated
  • I can’t trust my partner anymore
  • I’m attracted to someone else
  • I don’t desire my partner
  • I don’t think I’m in love anymore
  • I’m not aroused.
  • I don’t have orgasms
  • We have issues with family members
  • The in-laws have come between us
  • We never have any privacy
  • There never seems to be enough time
  • We have busy schedules
  • I have problems at work
  • My partner works all the time
  • I can’t live like this anymore
  • We want things to be better between us

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