Female Survivors

Female Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Dr. Anne Rothenberg understands the difficulty that survivors often have discussing issues related to sexual abuse and sexual trauma.

As a specialist working with female survivors of childhood sexual abuse and sexual trauma, I always exhibit awareness and respect for your boundaries and your level of comfort.  My goal is to create a safe environment where women are comfortable discussing issues that are often very difficult to talk about.

Common Questions Explored in Counseling with Women who have Experienced Sexual Abuse

  • Am I unable to have an intimate relationship?
  • Am I unable to trust?
  • Am I sexually confused?
  • Do I have guilty feelings?
  • Do I suffer from depression?
  • Do I have flashbacks?
  • Am I angry?
  • Am I fearful?
  • Am I anxious?
  • Do I have sexual anxiety?
  • Why did I let this happen?
  • Why didn’t anyone help me?
  • Do people know?
  • Do I feel like a real woman?
  • Do I have social challenges?
  • Do I have educational challenges?
  • Do I have employment challenges?
  • Do I have spiritual challenges?
  • Do I have trouble admitting I’ve been abused?
  • Am I ashamed to talk about my abuse?
  • Am I concerned about the cycle of abuse?
  • Am I sexually compulsive?
  • Do I have a sexual dysfunction?
  • Do I have a sex addiction?
  • Do I experience compulsive masturbation?
  • Am I addicted to pornography?
  • Have I hurt others?
  • Have I hurt myself?
  • Am I afraid to have children of my own?
  • Do I feel isolated?
  • Do I feel alone?
  • Am I normal?
  • Will I ever be OK?

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